I miss optimistic, space exploration sci-fi - very, very badly. So much so that I've come up with a proposal to return Trek to TV by the 50th anniversary with just such a series - full of optimism and a spirit of discovery. I have a website up and have written a pilot and 4 episodes. I have a whole bible for the show and season and character arcs.

It's called Star Trek Beyond

The website is still a bit rough, using temp assets for art, etc. There's a bunch of background and support info on the site, but the primary content on the site is my pilot script (written in a narrative format rather than a shooting script - it has pictures and you can even download a version with a soundtrack embedded in it).

I tried to make the pitch JJ Trek friendly (doesn't rely on the TNG era), not that there's any chance I'd ever actually get to pitch the show... :) (writing Elite Force means nothing to the film/TV industry... heh) It's mostly a passion project.

The premise is: the galaxy just got out of a period of war and is recovering from the scars of the galactic conflict. There has been peace for many years, but uneasy alliances are beginning to be strained and will soon break, fracturing the new Federation.


At the same time, a mysterious signal is received from the Andromeda Galaxy that we cannot resist. A new ship is commissioned to go there using radical new technology. A civilian science team in is charge of the mission, but the Starfleet crew is in charge of the ship.

I tried to create a cast of characters that is truly diverse, interacts in interesting ways and has room to grow. And I tried to convey a message of hope and optimism and set up a mission of exploration, discovery and seeking truth about existence. :)

If anyone happens to read it, please let me know what you think!